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Get to Know Me

Experienced. Relatable. Supportive.

My Story

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a college student when I realized that, despite how well I could explain ideas out loud, I struggled to keep up with the timelines, due dates, scheduling demands, forgetfulness, procrastination, and guilt. I masked my struggles with humor and countless hours of effort. Only after receiving a diagnosis did I realize that my cascade of struggles were not character flaws- they were unique firings that brightened my day with electric ideas, yet clouded my daily functioning with frenetic energy and chaotic patterns.

I can attest to the transformative power of ADHD coaching myself.

My Career:

I work for a nonprofit dedicated to the research and practice of executive function strategies, called ResearchILD. I serve as an executive function curriculum designer, professional development trainer, and educational specialist. I contribute to their SMARTS curriculum development and instructional design for the student-facing curriculum. I provide training and coaching to school staff and clinicians to implement their SMARTS program. As an Educational Specialist, I work with students of all ages who struggle with learning, attention, and executive function challenges. I provide specialized instruction and empowerment coaching in the areas of behavior regulation, academic goal-setting, and executive function strategies. My work is driven by my passion for the neuroscience behind how our brains process expectations, reality, and actions. 

Before that, I worked as a special educator for 13 years. I began my career as a high school science and special education teacher at Del Valle high School outside of Austin, Texas. I was named “Del Valle High School Teacher of the Year" in my fourth year of teaching. After earning my masters degree in Mind, Brian, and Education at Harvard, I returned to the classroom to teach middle school special education at a charter school in East Boston, Massachusetts. I have worked as a special educator with students in grades 5-12, and most recently served for 5 years as a middle school Dean of Student Supports. I directed our special education department, including evaluations, programming, accommodations, IEP and 504 plan development, and instructional coaching. 


My Education:

I earned a bachelor's degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry from Vanderbilt University. After teaching for 4 years, I pursued a Masters Degree in Mind, Brain, and Education from Harvard Graduate School of Education.

My Training:

I engage in continuous training and development as a Certified Practitioner of Collaborative Problem Solving through the ThinkKids Program at Harvard's Massachusetts General Hospital. I began using collaborative Problem Solving in 2015 and became a certified practitioner in 2017. I offer parent coaching, educator workshops, parent group classes, and introductory trainings in Collaborative Problem Solving. 

I am currently completing the training requirements to become a certified ADHD coach through JST Coaching, a premier training program featured in the New York Times. 

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