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Envision. Clarify. Commit.

Illuminate your next steps with Brightmind Coaching.

If you find it difficult to...

  • Make plans- and stick to them

  • Schedule and organize your time

  • Prioritize your to-do list

  • Get started and finish projects

  • Clarify your goals

  • Focus on one of your many great ideas

...your executive function is taxed.  Your mind may be exploding with so many ideas that they become too much of a good thing. 


About Laurel

My life, education, and career have inspired me to focus on the role of executive function in our lives. I resisted my own ADHD diagnosis as a child, then embraced the psychoeducation available to me as a newly diagnosed sophomore in college. From there, I became a special educator, and focused my career and education on uncovering the neuroscience behind self-control, motivation, and adult behaviors. I am committed to bridge "knowing better" with "doing better."

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ADHD and Executive Function Coaching:

Without commitment, you'll never start.

Without consistency, you'll never finish. 

-Denzel Washington 

The Coaching Difference

As the New York Times reported, coaching has been proven to be one of the most effective ways for adults to navigate through executive function strategies and find clarity, accountability, and success.


I'm here to partner with you as you discover strategies to make the most of your Bright Mind!

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Are you ready to unlock your full potential and achieve your goals? Contact me today to learn more about ADHD and EF coaching and consultation for you or your child. 

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Navigate your "next" with Brightmind Coaching

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